According to Rollingstone.com, Kanye West has just been charged with battery and attempted grand theft for an incident with a photographer at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) in July. Apparently, each of these charges carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison if he is found guilty. Woah, talk about brutal. During the confrontation, Mr. West wrestled the photographer to the ground and proceeded to try to take his equipment from him. Here’s the video that shows the scuffle.

Wait, all this crazy news is about that?!?! This is a joke, right? Man, I knew those paparazzi were wimps! Now I’m not saying you should go out and push around some tabloid photographers, but Kanye told the guy to leave him alone, which he didn’t. I was never a fan of these paparazzi knuckleheads, and I use that term negatively, but if you’re gonna poke a tiger after its growled at you, it’s gonna bite you sometime.

I don’t get how some of these celebrities can deal with having these annoying gnats of reporting always up in their business asking them the STUPIDEST questions. Do I really want to find out what a celebrity is going to name their new dog? Hell no! Of course, I’m probably not the target demographic. so it shouldn’t piss me of. But, it does!

I don’t get how Rayna and the countless army of tweens, teens, and in-betweens can eat this crap up! Tell one of those paparrazi guys to come down to the poker table and try to get out alive! Seriously, they wouldn’t last a minute. Actually, they probably wouldn’t even find the poker room, so my whole argument wouldn’t even make sense. However, if, and only IF, they managed to follow me, well, let’s just say they’d be in for a rude awakening (Although I have a sneaking suspicion that Satan loves paparazzi. Ugh. He’d probably invite the entire TMZ crew if he could. DON’T TELL HIM ABOUT PAPARAZZI. PLEASE. I CAN BARELY HANDLE WORKING THE POKER TABLE MUCH LESS MY HOUSEHOLD FULL OF FEMALES!) I’m a little stressed out.

Sorry, Kanye. I feel ya, man. These paparazzi goons are worse than cockroaches (At least cockroaches have personality), but ya gotta save the fight for another day. Sigh. I really need to get out of this dungeon of pain and destruction.