Hear Them Now: Diarrhea Planet

As the leader singer of Jars of Vomit, it’s hard not to feel a brotherly connection to Nashville sextet Diarrhea Planet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they’re not a metal band. But they do have plenty of kick ass qualities: they’re loud, obnoxious, and their name reminds me of one of my favorite activities, gargoyling!

The secret to Diarrhea Planet’s success: four guitarists. Not to mention, brilliant song writing. Case in point, the band’s breakout hit, “Ghost with a Boner.”

Now that’s a song anyone but Nerdcore could love!

The video above is proof that Diarrhea Planet is a sight to behold live. However, their studio efforts ain’t too bad either. Last summer the band released its full-length debut I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams which is jam packed with party ’til you puke anthems such as “Hammer of the Gods,” “Ugliest Son,” and “Skeleton Head.”

Personally, my favorite song right now is “Separations” because it deals with relationship issues and Dio knows I have some of those.

I’m thinking Jars Of Vomit/Diarrhea Planet co-headlining tour in 2014. That would kick so much ass there’d be no more asses to kick!!!

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