DISCLAIMER: Although Indie and I shared a moment where he called me Flowchart, due to the fact that I don’t work at MyMusic anymore along with other untold reasons, my old name, Intern 2, has remained intact as the author.

Hey everyone!! Boy, I haven’t written an article on this website in forever. Of course, it’s probably because I work at the Acid Factory now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. I had the amazing opportunity to cover a MyMusic fan with this latest article series called MyMusician Spotlight. I can’t wait to introduce you to today’s spotlight, Clayton!

Clayton has a terrific Youtube channel called ClayFlipRox (which you can visit HERE), which has everything you could want for a good laugh from parodies of famous songs (most that I have no clue about, but apparently they are!), sketches, heck (excuse my language) even a film called Revenge Men. He’s been making videos for over 4 years and is in his fifth season of sketches, music videos, etc. Sheesh, and I thought I worked hard!

He’s a director, actor, songwriter, and producer, who’s looking to make a big splash on Youtube! Want to know more about him? Luckily for you all, I had an opportunity to interview him, along with some research (involving plenty of flow charts) to find out all that you should know about Clayton.


1. He loves going to movies. I do all the time.
2. He’s been playing baseball since he was in kindergarten and basketball since the 1st grade. I was too busy making pie charts back in my old days to play those sports :/


3. Many of his videos are in private mode, because, as he says, they were just too weird for me to feel confident about. Nooooo!!!! We want to see them, Clayton!!


4. He gets pretty good grades overall, which he’s been told that it doesn’t seem that way. I wouldn’t understand that either! You look like you get terrific grades!


5. He’s tried to get his friends to make Youtube videos, as well. He’s only succeeded, about once, but he loves introducing people to the video world. Once your friends see this blog post, they’ll be coming along before you know it!



CLAYTON SAYS: “Either “Chocolate Rain” or the Numa Numa dance video.” 

FLOWCHART SAYS: “Never found out if Chocolate Rain was a fictitious weather pattern or not.”


MyMusic Youtube




Rhett and Link

Dude Perfect


MyMusic 5 years

….Clayton sees himself at college in California.  Preferably a film school so i can keep going with my passion. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be interning at MyMusic like a certain someone.


Flowchart: I really like your short films! How do you usually start the writing process for your scripts?

Clayton: Thanks! I try to get a simple idea, and then mold an idea around them, that would be funny and interesting to watch. It isn’t easy, but it’s super fun.

Flowchart: What inspires you to make short films and sketches?

Clayton: The idea that you can create a whole new story for a whole new set of people. You have control over lots of things, and you can make it your story. I also love to make people laugh, and with comedy, that’s what it’s all about!

Flowchart: If you could collaborate with any Youtuber, who would it be?

ClaytonThis is an incredibly hard question to answer, but after some thought, it would probably be Smosh because it looks like they have so much fun making their videos and ive been watching them for such a long time. A close second is The Fine Brothers and MyMusic, but, you know, hard decisions.

Flowchart:Very productive of you to be doing all of this while in high school — do you have any plans for the future of your channel?

ClaytonWell, ill keep making videos for a long while, until college hopefully. Then it’ll be harder to find time, but if my channel has gained some popularity and i get a few fans, then i would try 110% to make weekly videos for them, like i do now.

What a swell guy! Remember to check out Clayton’s channel right HERE !! Thanks Clayton for being a MyMusician!!!