IF YOU JUST TUBED IN: Get Lucky Remix!! Mario Paint Style!!

Today, Dubstep and I are proud to announce ANOTHER new segment called “If You Just Tubed in,” where we show you all cool new music related Youtube videos! You can also call it “Tubed In” if you run out of breath! 🙂   First, we announced Pic of the Day and now If You Just Tubed In?  We feel sooooooo lucky, just like all the fans who get to see this week’s pick!

Dubstep stumbled upon a video this morning that he couldn’t stop playing over and over again. When I looked, it was another Get Lucky Remix! There have been dozens of Get Lucky remixes including a Daft Punk official remix that lengthened the song to 10 minutes! 10 minutes! I love it when EDM artists make their long songs even LONGER! The party will never stop!

This time though, it was a completely different remix. Instead of using turntables and synthesizers, this remix was made using a program over 21 years old, Mario Paint. Doing some research as Dubstep played the song for the fifth time, I found out that the program was actually a game that came out on the Super Nintendo in 1992. Wow!!! If you think DJing is tough with new equipment, which it shouldn’t be now since Dubstep and I gave away some our best DJing secrets in an article yesterday which you can read again here, try remixing a new song with 20 year old equipment.

Even though it could be absolutely PLUR to remix a new song on old equipment, it doesn’t mean ANYTHING if it’s not good. Believe me, I’ve seen bad. This one is completely different! It sounds almost exactly like the original, of course with some unique additions such as the cat noises near the end of the song, and it seems that everyone who has seen it has loved it! It will be no surprise to see the video go viral as it has over 300,000 views already! It’s amazing what you can make with just a little imagination and rhythm! You can watch the remix below, and to the creator, PLURrific job!

What do you think of the video? Sound off in the comments below!