Rihanna Lets It Out In ‘What Now’ Video

Is it merely a coincidence that Asssssssss hall of famer Rihanna released her video for “What Now”  only a day after hall of fame jackass Chris Brown left rehab? Yeah, probably. But the timing’s kinda weird, right? Maybe, just maybe, ghosts were somehow involved.

Just throwing it out there.

Without a new album to promote, Ri Ri’s been relatively absent from the spotlight as of late. It’s crazy that “What Now” is the sixth single off of 2012’s Unapologetic  She’s nearly halfway through the album’s 14 tracks!

As for the video, Rihanna seems to be dealing with some issues. She dances and twerks around in a cold white room asking “please tell me, what now???”

Wish I had the answer for you, Rihanna. We could always get married and move to the Bahamas and raise two, maybe three dope kids together. The offer’s on the table. Holla at yo’ boy if your down. If not, that’s cool too.

For all you New Orleans readers out there, Rihanna will be wrapping up her successful “Diamonds World” tour tonight at the New Orleans arena. If you happen to go, let Ri Ri know that I’m interested in hanging out and I’ll treat her right. Nerdcore is and will always be a gentleman!

How does “What Now” rank among Rihanna’s previous singles off Unapologetic? Let us know in the comments below!