How TO BECOMe A SUCCESSFUL DJ! Secrets from Techno & Dubstep

Hello hello hello! Dubstep and I hope you are all having a PLURrific Labor Day dancing, raving, eating, drinking, sleeping, drawing, knitting, speed raci-and sooooooo many other fun things! Maybe you might even be hosting your own Labor Day party and have lasers, a disco ball, smoke machines, and speakers. Not bad! However, just because you have ALLL that perfect gear for a day-off-from-work-or-school rave, doesn’t mean you’ll KNOW how to use all your tools to throw a dance party that your friends will remember for the rest of the year.

Dubstep and I will give you the inside scoop on how to become a truly PLUR and successful DJ for your party! Dubstep and I usually discuss what we want to say in our articles and I usually write it out, but Dubstep was so excited to give you a peak of these skills that he insisted on writing this article with me at the same time. Oh Dubstep! To make it easier for all of you, everything I say with have a T: in front of it and everything that Dubstep says will have a D: in front of it!

T: Are you ready Dubstep?!

D: Bzzzzrrrp wub wub wuub!!!!



D: Wub wubrrrrm brzzzzub bwahh shrrrr. wub bashrrrrzzzup.

T: I agree,. Dubstep! More than likely if you’re partying in a darker room or at night, you’ll use your house lamps and ceiling lights to illuminate yor room. BORING! You don’t want to have the same color of light to shine through the whole party. It makes people sleepy and bored! Turn off the lights and take the glow sticks you brought and put them in different places in your party area. Put them on your plants, your wall, or your ceiling! The places where you least expect a glow stick to be are always the best!


Have full control of your speaker levels! Medium treble and high bass is the way to go!

T: First things’s first, you have to have good speakers. They don’t have to be great, even though that would be the best, but they have to be good.

D: Booom dawm bzzzzub wub waaaaaam!

T: Oh, right! Don’t forget that the bigger the speaker doesn’t always mean it’s better. Test your sound between the speakers you’re counting on using.The one that makes your heart pound the loudest will be the winner!!

D: Booop wub zub da wubbb brmmmm.

T: Right again, Dubstep! It’s also very important to keep your treble medium so the music doesn’t start screeching, and the bass high so the party never stops!!!


Your music should keep going and going and going!

D: Ship shub bzzzrrubaba wub zwwwooooo!

T: Dubstep and I are on the same page when it comes to songs that stop and go in to another song. PARTY POOPERS! Make sure that when you make a music mix it has NO breaks. Some people (Dubstep and I) like to dance for a whole party and having music that continually breaks will ruin everyone’s vibe! So, don’t do it, ok!

D: Wub da wub.


Keep a great attitude!!

T: Always remember, as a DJ, everyone looks to you as the heart of the party, pumping music into everyone’s soul. If you look bored, everyone else is bored. If you look like you’re having a blast, EVERYONE will be having a blast, right Dubstep?

D: Zwwwwooop bop ba wub.

T: Awww, you’re so sweet Dubstep. I do try to always have a great attitude. So, MyMusicians, what do you think about our tips, and do you have your own? Let us know in the comments below!



79 thoughts on “How TO BECOMe A SUCCESSFUL DJ! Secrets from Techno & Dubstep

  1. ナンシー(Nanshii)

    I totally agree with the whole “no breaks while switching songs”. Actually, quite recently I bought a hardstyle mix and even though it changed songs, you couldn’t really tell that they were switching because the last part of the song before was in the next song’s start! It was great!

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