New Albums Out Today! Staff Picks!

It’s Tuesday! Meaning a whole bunch of new albums are being released today! As you know, there is a wide variety of different musical tasted within the MyMusic office, so we’re going to tell you what new releases are most exciting to some of the staff.


This is a no brainer! Everything being released today is garbage! The least garbage-y is of course Hail To The King, from Avenged Sevenfold. This album doesn’t reinvent the genre, nor does it give me much faith that the bands best days aren’t behind them, but compared to all the other crap all those other crapheads are crapping out, I’ll take it.



Duh. I will ALWAYS pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of AMERICAN IDOL. So if former contestant is releasing an album, it has my full support! Am I known for jamming to contemporary Christian or Gospel music? Definitely not, aside from some choice YouTube videos of Beyonce behind the scenes, but if my girl Mandisa from Season 5 of Idol is dropping a record, I’m gonna SUPPORT!



I’d have to recommend the fourth studio album from one of my all-time favorite indie bands, Franc Ferdinand. FF has never succumbed to the desires of the masses by producing manufactured-sounding, formulaic hits. They’ve stayed underground, true to themselves, and have never, ever, been considered sell-outs in any way. To enjoy Franz Ferdinand is to enjoy authentic, real, music.




I’m really feeling Dent May right now! I’ve seen a couple of his YouTube videos and they are so out there and silly. This guy is a total nerd and not afraid to show it. He celebrates it! I think it’s great when people do what they like!



Now, I know I’m not a member of the staff, and I barely even know how this website works. Apparently y’all can leave comments that I can read? That sounds terrifying? What if people said mean things? Nah, I’m sure that ain’t ever gonna happen! Anyway, Idol asked me if I had anything to contribute to this list, and I said “You’re darn right I do!” If you grew up a 90’s country girl and still love a little twang on your speakers, you’re gonna wanna pick up Alabama & Friends! Some of your favorite Alabama songs, sung by some of your favorite country artists like Trisha Yearwood (my female Jesus), and Florida Georgia Line (country music’s version of that One Direction band y’all are goin’ goo goo over).

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