Adam Lambert going EDM?

Adam Lambert will be providing vocals to one of the songs on DJ Avicii’s new album, #TRUE.

I’m not sure how I feel about this news! Most dance music doesn’t need any vocals or lyrics to keep it PLUR, but on the other hand I’m all for spreading the PLURness of dance music to the rest of the world!

The track is supposed to be very “disco” sounding. Hmmmm. Since I live by the laws of PLUR I will reserve my judgement and keep an open mind, but something about this is not sounding so very super exciting for me or Dubstep! Then again, Ellie Goulding’s collaborations with Skrillex and Calvin Harris weren’t too bad. So maybe this well work after all!

All I know is there better be a goooood beat!

What do you guys think?


201 thoughts on “Adam Lambert going EDM?

  1. Mari Chambers

    I think this is interesting that Adam Lambert is going EDM. Maybe it’ll turn out for the better. We’ll just have to wait and see. Techno and Dubstep, I want to get into listening to EDM. What’s your advice?

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