Another Rapper Sticks It to the Man!

Surprise! It’s not Kanye West news. HAH! You know because you thought it would be him because he’s always stirring up some trouble.Gotcha stupids……….ANYWAYS, the rapper who I’m actually talking about is called Angel Haze. Never heard of her or her music because, well, it probably sucks. Not to mention a name like Angel Haze isn’t even metal enough to keep my attention. Maybe if she changed her name to Death Angel or Angel of Puke, I’d waste 5 of my minutes to hear her music, but I’m getting off topic.The real question is why is she making news for a relative unknown, why am I talking about her, and why I think the news is awesome. This is the part where you get drawn in and continue reading.

Angel’s first album was set to be released in January under her label Island/Republic Records, but apparently those plans have since halted. This morning she took to Twitter and leaked her own album to her fans. SAY WHAAAAT? In even more say what news, she also took the time to give some pretty harsh words to her label which were, to be exact, “Sorry to Island/Republic Records, but f**k you,” WHOAH! Now that’s givin’ it to the man!

Apparently, they promised her album out by the end of this year and broke it by announcing it for release in January. This lady has got some balls! I know how she feels though. I went through the exact same thing with my old band, Jars of Vomit. Of course, it was more like trying to actually get in contact with labels that never returned your calls, but whatever, close enough! Labels suck! Angel, you’ve won major metal points with this one! (You’d get more if you change your name)