Bound 2 Disappoint!


Is there anywhere better to premier a music video than on the Ellen show? Kanye West doesn’t think so – his new video, “Bound 2,” starring Yeezus plus soon-to-be-wifey (naked!) aired today on her daytime talk show with…mixed results. See for yourself:

Am I missing something? After sleek, creative, and just downright dope videos like “Power,” doesn’t this stationary motorcycle in front of a green screen come off as…weak?

I guess the look director Nick Knight was going for is a surreal fantasy-esque ode to Kim Kardashian, and I get that. It’s a love song to Ye’s fiancé and the only thing to match the idyllic snow capped mountains is Kim.  And she does look fine as hell! BUT even Kim can’t make up for the boring green screen with a fan setup. Plus Kim’s booty is noticeably absent.

The upside? The first minute of the video showcases a new intro for the song, which is solid, and the nature scenes inspired me to break out my Planet Earth blu-rays again! I know I’m being hard on the guy and really, I’ve seen wacker videos, but Kanye consistently pushes boundaries and sets the bar high – I just don’t think he met his own standards with this video. Sorry Yeezy!