Daily Roundup: Cher Lloyd Dissed Lorde who Dissed Selena Gomez

(VIA COUNTRY) When you’re at the top people are bound to try and bring you down. Just ask Lorde who was called a “knob” (British people have such fun slang!) by Cher Lloyd. Lloyd was responding to Lorde’s comments about Selena Gomez’s single “Come & Get It” which Lorde deemed anti-feminist. I’m no doctor but I’d like to prescribe these girls a giant hug it out! [E!]

Thanks to Ylvis, fox costume sales for Halloween have skyrocketed. The sales figures for wrecking balls have yet to be determined, [TMZ]

Prism, Katy Perry’s long awaited new album, is finally streaming in full. Go listen to it now! [Vulture]

(VIA METAL) Motörhead just released their new video for “Heartbreaker” and it kicks more ass than Cain Velasquez in the octagon. Hell yeah!  [RS]

(VIA METAL) I’m not done! Black Sabbath also debuted their video for “Loner.” Crazy!!! October 18 should forever be celebrated as an international holiday …Kickass Day!!!! [NME]