Daily Roundup: Foxy Late Night with Ylvis

Ylvis stormed “Late Night with Fallon” to perform “The Fox” alongside Fallon and The Roots. Be sure to catch them tomorrow on the “Today” show before their 15 minutes are up! [YouTube]

(VIA SCENE) I was reluctant to post this because it makes me a little uncomfortable but Panic! at the Disco have a new video for their awesome song “Girls/Girls/Boys!” I just wish Brendon wasn’t acting gross like Miley. [YouTube]

Nominations for the American Music Awards were announced this morning with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis earning five nominations, the most for any artist. They’ll challenge Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Taylor Swft, and Justin Timberlake in the Artist of the Year category or as Indie likes to call it, the Makes Me Want to Set Myself on Fire category. [EW]

(VIA METAL) In an interview with The Oakland Press, Metallica frontman James Hetfield said he’s “itchin” to record a new album. Interestingly enough, I’m itchin too, but I probably need to consult a doctor about that. [OP]

Drummer Tico Torres returned to Bon Jovi after undergoing two emergency surgeries. The band remains without guitarist Richie Sambora who was kicked out of Bon Jovi earlier this year. [RS]



511 thoughts on “Daily Roundup: Foxy Late Night with Ylvis

  1. Kathernie Wayne

    Oh god. “The Fox” is like my ultimate song drug that is not hardcore, trance, or whatever EDM genre you can name. And really…. How many you want to touch these fluffy tails?

  2. Cyan Jackson

    performance was awesome!!! scene stop hatin on the fox TECHNICALLY its not mainstream cuz its making fun of pop songs by being the ultimate top parody pop song 😀 so its IRONIC INDIE

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