Don’t Send Your Teeth 2 Ke$ha!!!

As many of u know, the wonderfully weird Ke$ha is currently in rehab at Chicago’s Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center in order to deal with an eating disorder.

Did u read that, Justin Bieber? Ke$ha went 2 rehab because she had a problem that she needed to fix!

Earlier this week a friend of Ke$ha’s went on Ke$ha’s twitter and let everyone know the glittery goddess is “doing well.” She also had a special request for Ke$ha’s fans, writing “[Ke$ha] needs more of your teeth to make art with at the treatment center.”

While that may sound like a strange request, Ke$ha has a history of making art out of teeth which I think is pretty AWESOME!

Unfortunately, the treatment center doesn’t agree. TMZ reached out to a spokesperson for the center who said, “We can’t accept human remains. There is always a risk it could be bio-hazardous material so we are not able to bring in anything that’s real.”

I have no idea what that means, but I feel sorry for Ke$ha.

Well. at least she’s doing better! Ke$ha sent out her own tweet on Wednesday and wrote, “I just wanted to say that this is really hard and necessary work. I’m grateful for all the love and support.” Awwww!

Fans of Ke$ha are also showing their support through their love of “Timber,” which remained at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the third week in a row!

If you’re a Ke$ha fan who was planning on sending a tooth, just put it under your pillow and get some money from the tooth fairy!

Do you think Ke$ha’s rehab facility should allow her to make tooth art? Let us know in the comments below!