How To Not Embarrass Yourself On The Internet – By Idol!


Another day another shirtless Bieber selfie.

It seems like every day a new celebrity or politician is embarrassing themselves on the internet by posting terrible comments or revealing photos. But it can be avoided so easily!!!

We all know the story. _______ posts a picture of their ______…


“Note to self: I don’t need to see that!”

Then they delete the post and pretend it was an accident. But here’s the thing. IT WASN’T AN ACCIDENT! IT NEVER IS! I mean come ON! I have a smartphone. I tweet and facebook more than anyone on this planet, and I have never, not once, accidentally posted something I didn’t want to post.


You only see what I want you to see!


Geraldo gives the world a great lesson in how NOT to tweet. (You do look good for your age though, Ger! There, I said it!)

But worry not! Idol is here to save the day with some simple rules to keep you from mortifying yourself on the most public forum known to man. Okay. Actually. Just one rule.


I don’t know what was going through your mind when you thought that racist comment or that nudie pic or those fightin’ words would be a good idea to let out into the world, but surely you knew that the end result would be your own embarrassment, right? SO JUST DON’T POST IT.

Girl with laptop computer on the beach.

Think before you tweet, girl! Also you’re at the ocean, get off your computer in general!

Some of you might say, “They know what they’re doing. It’s for publicity.” Yeah. You’re right. Well guess what, there are plenty more ways to get attention. Like by DOING SOMETHING ACTUALLY WORTH TALKING ABOUT! Make a good movie or save a puppy orphanage or something. Trust me, people would MUCH rather see that than your junk.


Angelina ain’t gotta tweet her nakedness, neither should you! 


123 thoughts on “How To Not Embarrass Yourself On The Internet – By Idol!

  1. Mari Chambers

    I agree with Idol. Always think about every action you do, especially on the Internet. Also, does anybody in the MyMusic staff have an Instagram account? I’ve seen them before but I wasn’t sure if they were official except for the @MyMusicShow account.

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