What’s up, knuckleheads! That’s right, your friendly neighborhood Metal is taking over the MyMusician  Spotlight today!!! Huzzah!!!! YEAH!!! My choice, my article!! Well, actually my kid chose today’s MyMusician Spotlight (and no, not the one that loves boys and One Direction. I’m talking about the baby, people). His name is Manuel, but I call him Manny because we’re cool like that, and he is a vlogger/how-to instructor/gadget reviewer/singer/ everything. Literally, this kid does everything and does it awesomely.

That’s right. Manny’s planning to conquer EVERYTHING on Youtube, and you can catch up with everything he’s been doing on his Youtube channel HERE, Enough of buttering him up though, it’s time for you guys to really know my bud, (and brand new Vomiteer) Manny.

1. His favorite color is red, which is also the color of blood which is awesome, which makes this fact awesome.
2. He actually does Tae Kwon Do! Even more awesome!
3. He likes to watch TV shows like the Walking Dead, The Following, and News Room. Good picks, although I’d definitely add Metalocalypse. Can’t forget the greatest TV show in history
4.  He does theater too. Alright, Manny, is there anything you DON’T do?! Ugh. I feel so worthless.
5. He’s an only child!!! 



MANUEL SAYS: ” [My favorite is] What Does The Fox Say! 

METAL SAYS: This video’s been out for almost six months and I still don’t know what that fox is saying.”


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(Prepare yourselves)

Alex Goot

Chad Sug

Mike Tompkins






Jack Conte


Connor Franta



Tyler Ward

Luke Conard

Landon Austin



MyMusic 5 years

….Manny sees himself making video every week and vlogging everyday. He’ll be going to VidCon, Playlist Live, and Digi tour as a Guest and not as a fan, along with working on big projects relating to video and music. His projects would includemaking an original album, going on a tour, making a record label, making a YouTube TV show seres, and making a movie. If you ever want to go on a joint tour with Jars of Vomit, Manny, just let us know! 


Metal: There are a lot of people who play music or make movies (I happen to do both). How did you first decide to take the next step and create a YouTube channel?

Manny: My friend introduce me to Youtube, and by that time I was making some video but not posting it anywhere. Once my friend showed me his Youtube Channel I did not know if I wanted to post my videos online for the whole world to see. It took me a few days to decide if I wanted to join YouTube or not, but I realized that maybe one day I could become a famous guy on YouTube so I did it, and I have never stop since.

Metal: You make all types of shows, which is great! If you had to choose between reviews, your music, how-to’s, and vlogs which would you choose?

Manny: I would choose Vlogs because more people would be interested on what my day to day life is(once I am done with school). I also fell like I could connect with my viewers better that way. 

Metal: Can you tell us a little more about your big idea to bring unknown YouTubers into the spotlight? It sounds pretty sweet!

MannyMy plane is try to make a panel at VidCon and at PlayList live with Youtubers who don’t have a lot of subscribers. Also I want to try on making a tour of some sort with popular and not as popular youtubers ( something like the digitour) or I will try to join with Digitour. And finally I want to try to make a big Youtube channel filled with unknown youtubers and they will post a video everyday on that main channel. We would work to get that main channel big and popular and then start spreading it out to other people’s channels. So far I have emailed out to big company’s with this idea, but no one had sent anything back yet. So I hope that one company or a group of people would like these ideas and help me make this idea become true.

Metal: It’s really generous of you to want to help others become popular on YouTube – where as some might only be thinking of growing their own fanbase, why are you focused on helping others? (or some variation)  

MannyThe reason why I am so focused on helping other people grow their fanbase because there are so many people on YouTube and less than 1/2 of the people on YouTube are popular Youtubers, while the rest are not. Many people try super hard and don’t get it most of the time. I want to be the one who tries really hard to make it happen because I know if the YouTube community joins together we can make it happen. We have seen this many times before like when Daily Grace had to re-start her channel, and when other Youtubers need help too. That’s why I wanted to do this because people would love to be more known than unknown.

Don’t forget to check out Manny’s channel right HERE !! Thanks Manny for being a MyMusician!!!