TOP THIS: More of the Same! (September 1- September 7)

HIIIIIIIIIIIII I’m soooooo excited to be doing this week’s TOP THIS, where we list the top ten songs of the week according to Billboard. Thnx for all the AMAZING comments on last week’s!!!! Idol let me do the second week because I asked her two times if I could do it…..ok, maybe twenty times, but I asked nicely! She’s seems to be too distracted with something, maybe it’s Techno and Dubstep’s music or maybe it’s her cousin who keeps scampering after her like a baby bunny, so she finally gave me the reigns!!!!! Hopefully, this week will shake things up, and to commemorate this potential shake up of the top ten, I give you a Totoro gif!!!

Awwwww Totoro loves being pet! You know what I don’t love though!!!! This week’s top 10!!! YUCCCCKKK!! Nothing much has changed since last week. The first three, “Blurred Lines,” “Roar,” and “We Can’t Stop,” stayed on top while “Applause” moved up a spot to overtake “Radioactive.” Zzzzzzz BOOOOORING! The rest of the top 10 stayed pretty much the same besides newcomers Lana Del Rey for “Summertime Sadness” and Avicii for “Wake Me Up!” taking down a song about cups and ANOTHER Bruno Mars tune! Techno and Dubstep would be in heaven seeing Avicii and Daft Punk in the top 10. Me, I feel the opposite!


There wasn’t a single song in the top 10 I didn’t cover my ears to! I can even hear my avatar crying right now! People of the internet world, let’s do music a BIG favor and only listen to Miss Jackson for the whole week and bring quality music back to the top 10! Why not the very tippy top?! Everybody! Listen to it over and over and over again so we can celebrate for next week’s top 10! 🙂 YAYYYYYYY!!!!! Anyways, if you reeeally want to hear the top 10 songs of this week, even though I’m already over them, take a listen to the Spotify playlist below!



1. “Blurred Lines” Robin Thicke ft. Pharell & T.I. (LW:1)

This song has been on the top for over 11 weeks in a row!!! That’s almost 2 puppy years!!! Ayaya!

2. “Roar” by Katy Perry (LW:2)

SNOOOOOOOOOOORE! Why does everyone love this? I want to hear a real roar!

3. “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus (LW:3) 

Stop! Please stop! Stop turning teddy bears into backpacks, Miley!!!!!

4.“Applause” by Lady Gaga (LW:6)


5.“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons (LW:3)

Not as scary as “Applause” and not AS terrible as the top 3. Still shouldn’t be in the top ten!

6. Holy Grail” by Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake (LW:5)

This song had a lot of noises! I didn’t understand any of it!

7. “Wake Me Up!” by Avicii (LW: 7)


8. “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities (LW: 10)


9. “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais (LW:15)

Summertime and sadness shouldn’t go together! Now I’m sad!

10.“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell (LW:7)



What do you think of the top ten this week? Sound off in the comments below!!!


298 thoughts on “TOP THIS: More of the Same! (September 1- September 7)

  1. liiiinnsaaaan

    Listening to Miss Jackson right now ^-^
    But srsly how the hell can Radioactive still be that popular? I think some scary people at my school sang it before the summer… Why is always the worst songs at the top ten, I just don’t get that…


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  3. Cyan Jackson

    someone who FINALLY understands me and she’s not even a real person!! 🙁 but you are totallly right scene!!!! ESPECIALLY BLURRED LINES HATE THAT SONG SO SEXIST AND DISGUSTING. i like radioactive but yu didnt insult it you were right its so old by now! we need fresh new GOOD music!

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