Hear Them Now: Bastille

Why was I not surprised that Indie acted like such a Debbie Downer in his post about this year’s Coachella lineup?

First of all I happen 2 think Muse is AMAZING and they’re even more awesome live! In fact there are a bunch of bands playing Coachella who I happen 2 luv. And at the top of the list is another British band who will be playing the festival on Friday.

I luv them so much I hijacked Indie’s column so I can share them with u!

They’re called Bastille and they put out one of my favorite albums of 2013. While the band got a TON of attention in Europe they’re still waiting 2 blow up in America. But by the end of 2014 I’m sure they’ll be HUGE!

The band’s debut album Bad Blood went platinum in the UK and the video for their breakthrough single “Pompeii” has earned over 54 million views on YouTube!

How can any1 not love that song???

Aside from Coachella, Bastille will be performing on “Saturday Night Live” January 25 with host Jonah Hill. I’ll definitely be tuning in.

I’m sorry, Indie, but I 4 1 can’t wait 4 Bastille to go mainstream!!!

Let us know in the comments below which up and coming artist should be next week’s “Hear Them Now” pick!


3 thoughts on “Hear Them Now: Bastille

  1. ChibiKage .

    Scene, you made my life posting about Bastille. Can I point out that they just got nominated for 4 Brit Awards, and one of them is Breakthrough artist, which is fan-chosen? I know I’m gonna go vote for them, and I think everyone else should too, they certainly deserve it! They’re just so incredibly down-to-earth and real about their sudden fame in Europe. Hugely pessimistic about everything, terrified of performing on stage, but at the same time they put their all into everything that they do and love their fans hugely. Their music grabbed me, but it’s definitely their attitudes (and Dan’s perfect EVERYTHING) that’s kept me as a fan. For sure.

  2. Kara-Chan

    After Indies post I wanted to scream…… Then I saw yours saying Muse IS AMAZING… Im happy now 😀 Thanks Scene! <3
    P.S- Indie…. Muse is AMAZING…. (You probably haven't listened to there older albums…. The 2nd Law is Too MAINSTREAM for you…. So listen to Absolution or Origin Of Symmetry)

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