Hear Them Now: The Orwells

The Orwells is a fitting name for a band in 2014, what with the NSA and all that jazz. They even have a lead singer named Mario Cuomo which also happens to be the name of a former New York Governor whose most famous speech took place at the Democratic Convention in … 1984!

Coincidence? Yes, certainly.

Formed in 2009, The Orwells maintain a spirited rocking out in the garage who gives a ship attitude which makes sense considering they’re barely out of high school. With their 2012 debut Remember When and a pair of stellar EPs released last year, The Orwells has won over a bunch of often jaded fans (myself included). Most recently, as in last night, they were even able to charm crusty old David Letterman who begged the band for an encore.

Anyone who can get Paul Shaffer to air hump is a-ok in my book.

Unfortunately, The Orwells 2014 live slate is pretty barren as of now. They will be playing The Weezer Cruise over Valentine’s Weekend, which despite the headliner has a pretty solid lineup including Toro Y Moi, Cat Power, and Bleached.

I’m expecting big things from The Orwells in the years to come, that is, if big brother doesn’t come along and ban all music.

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