I Review Britney Spear’s New Single “Work B**CH” (Pardon the Language)

Prepare to cover your ears. 

Breaking the interwebs this morning is Britney Spears’s hotly anticipated (by who?) single, Work B**ch, which was set to premiere tomorrow, but apparently someone forgot to plug up this leak. For good. I can’t tell you how awful this “song” is, but I have to say even more than actually being a terrible song, I was greatly disappointed. I expected this song to be about work ethic, albeit a bit forceful with the expletive in the title, and even if I wouldn’t have enjoyed the music within the song, I could’ve at least respected the lyrical content. Sifting through Youtube, I came to a huge realization. Why does it seem that every song that perpetuates work isn’t actually about work?

So much noise! Who created this disaster? Apparently, that distinction belongs to producer will.i.am., who also seems to have a problem with putting punctuation marks in the wrong place along with completely negating upper case letters. Be proud of your name William!

I’ll admit the chorus reminds me of when Indie barks at me to continue working, however he’s much more polite in saying it than Britney Spears. She would be a terrible boss! Anyone who needs to resort to expletives to get their employees to work isn’t fit for the job. Clean up your language, Ms. Spears!

I don’t understand who would enjoy this, and I completely regret reviewing this song. It came up on my safe search as just “Work,” so I just assumed, and now I have to pay the price with having this song stuck in my memory. Next time, I need to actually look up the artist and all the information before I dive in. Sigh. If you enjoy music, don’t listen to this and if you don’t, still don’t listen to this. Don’t make my mistake!!!!


+ It finishes

– Terrible song

– Deceptive title

– Horrendous language

0 out of 5 pencil pouches


What do you think of Britney Spears’s single? Let me know in the comments below!



370 thoughts on “I Review Britney Spear’s New Single “Work B**CH” (Pardon the Language)

  1. Raul Carrillo

    You are obviously not in the target demo for this song. I’m sure there’s a nice CD out there full of tracks that include paper clip fastening, stapling and paint drying for you to enjoy.

    1. Chase Croft

      What is the target demo? The only demographics I can think of are headless people, the deaf, the morons who put this song together and cicadas. I’d give this the same rating and I love EDM and like a lot of pop music.

      1. Raul Carrillo

        Are you for real? I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that taste in music (among other things) is subjective. While you might not like it, there are certainly many people out there who do.

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