What’s going on Nerdfighters! I’m so so proud to be announcing the next MyMusician Spotlight, Chloe Reid!!! Chloe is a Youtube comedian from the UK who. I will admit, had me rolling on the floor with her videos.

She’s got an HILARIOUS Youtube channel, where she does a little bit of everything from singing to lists to rants. My personal favorite is her 11 Things About the 11th Doctor video!! Gotta give props to someone who has such good taste in television!

Ahhhhh!!! I could keep going on and on about how awesome she is, but I’ll make it simple with some that you need to know about the hilarious Chloe Reid:

1. She’s a huge fan of musicals although she never talks about it in her videos!
2. 90s – early 2000s music is her guilty pleasure. She could listen to N-Sync forever. You and Idol would be best buds. Man, I miss her….
3. She’s actually very awkward in person, as open and as confident as she may seem in videos, she claims social situations scare me. I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!
4.  She looooooves coffee and couldn’t live without it. I felt the same way about the elixirs I use to pick up from my neighborhood grocer…….until I found out they were fake… 
5. She own two hamsters named Sherlock and Watson!!! My turtles would LOVE them!!! Play date in the works?



CHLOE SAYS: ” [My favorite is]The “We’re Going To Disneyland” video! 

NERDCORE SAYS: I wish someone would surprise ME with a trip to Disneyland!”


MyMusic Youtube


The Fine Bros

My Drunk Kitchen




MyMusic 5 years

….Chloe would like to be writing, professionally or at least close to making her way there. (Hey, don’t forget me when you get famous, Chloe!!!) She’d also like to have a web series!


Nerdcore: What is the first step to your creative process?

Chloe:  I feel that the first step for me personally is always finding out what topics are popular right now. Whether it’s something that’s been talked about a lot for me personally or just generally on the internet. It all starts there! And then I do my best to make it interesting or even just making people aware of it.

Nerdcore: How did you first decide to take the next step and create a YouTube channel?

Chloe: Well, I’d actually been a part of the YouTube community since about 2007. But this channel, ChloeDoesStuff was about putting myself out there in a much more accessible environment. I had a lot of things to say and YouTube allows me to say them.

Nerdcorel: You say you want to go into creative writing. What kind of writing do you love doing?

Chloe: I love to write comedy in any form. At the moment it’s mainly fanfiction but I am working on a comedy/fantasy piece at the moment. 

Nerdcore: I love the posters in your room! Do you think your fandoms/shows influence your videos/comedy style?

Chloe:  I do! A lot of my videos are based on my fandoms and I love to talk about tv shows. I love to make references and I feel that a lot of my comedy relies on them.

Don’t forget to check out Chloe’s comedy channel right HERE  for some of the best laughs you’ll have!! Thank you so much Chloe for being a MyMusician!!!