Promises, Promises: 5 New Year’s Resolutions!

Scene’s Resolution: Go 2 More Concerts!!!

2013 was a super busy year for me with MyMusic, school, my new BOIFRIEND!!!! But this year I vow 2 make more time 4 ME and check out some of my favorite bands live.  For starters, Asking Alexandria will be starting a HUGE U.S. tour in March and I definitely don’t want 2 miss them!

Metal’s Resolution: Find New Bands

Let’s face it, the current metal scene ain’t what it once was and it probably will never be. But I can’t always rely on bands like Sabbath and Motorhead because, well, let’s just say Ozzy and Lemmy don’t have that much left in the engine. I need to seek out more bands like Baroness and Red Fang to help me thrash!

Nerdcore’s Resoultion: Write My Own Rhymes

Who knows? Maybe one day I can be the next Mega Ran????

Country’s Resolution: Date Hunter Hayes

Those eyes! That voice! Hunter, let’s give it a shot. Forget Selena or Taylor. All you need is a down home country music that loves to have fun and possesses a renewed sense of karma.

Techno & Dubstep’s Resolution: DANCE MORE!!!!


What’s your New Year’s resoultion? Let us know in the comments below!