Bieber and Selena Back Together?!?!

Bieber’s caption read, “Love the way you look at me”

Lately there have been a lot of these “open letters” floating around, mostly addressed to the hot mess that is Miley Cyrus. Well, in light of news that Selena might be back, I’m writing to Miley’s Disney sister. Here it goes:

Dearest Selena,

Darling, is your head screwed on too tight? What’s this business about getting back with Bieber? I know you’re going through a lot with the Lorde feud and everything but ain’t he a little too grimy for you hon?

Talk soon,                                                                                                                    Country

How was that? I can’t be the only one asking this question… right ya’ll? I mean, I’m not scared to admit it, I’m a belieber.  But I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with sexual deviants (long story) and John er, Justin Bieber’s bill of health mightn’t be as clean and sweet as his vocals!

Now, a segway ride in Santa Cruz ain’t exactly the most R rated date. But the couple (?) checked in at the swank Seascape Resort and who knows how much things heated up! My position, mostly always, is to have fun. But should his recent Brazilian prostitute sexcapades make Ms. Gomez think twice?

Don’t hate me JB!

What do y’all think?