Daily Roundup: Good Riddance, Brothers Jonas!

(VIA INDIE) The Jonas Brothers have officially broken up. Finally, something to cheer me up after the death of Lou Reed. [EW]

Justin Timberlake recruited Elvis Presley’s granddaughter to appear in his “TKO” video. That’s pretty cool, JT. just avoid awkwardly kissing her on the VMAs because that’s when it gets weird. [YouTube]

(VIA METAL) In an interview with “The AV Club” Kerry King of Slayer (like I need to remind you!) mapped out his ultimate 24-hour horror movie marathon. I would normally never put “must” and “read” in the same sentence but this definitely qualifies. [AV Club]

Avril Lavigne collaborated with Marilyn Manson for a song on her new album. Well, at least it’s a step up over her Nickelback husband. [MTV]

(VIA COUNTRY) Cher will serve as a guest judge on “Dancing with the Stars” next Tuesday. It’s gonna be so terrific watching one of the all time great singers team up with one of the all time great reality shows! [People]