Daily Roundup: Kanye and Jay Z Are Class Acts!

(VIA NERDCORE) The University of Missouri is offering a class on Kanye and Jay Z’s relationship. Looks I’m going back to school! [XXL]

U2 will debut their new song “Invisible” during the Super Bowl. Please sound like 80s/90s U2 and not 00/10 U2! [RS]

(VIA COUNTRY) CNN is airing a special called “Bieber’s Troubles” tonight. It is 8 hours long. [Mediate]

Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons will be teaming up at the Grammys. At this point the performances are going to outshine the awards. [MTV]

(VIA SCENE) Lana Del Rey covered “Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty … which makes her my new favorite person in the world!!! [Gigwise]