Daily Roundup: Mariah Still Has Beef With Nicki!

(VIA COUNTRY) Mariah Carey described working with Nicki Minaj on American Idol as “being in hell with Satan.” Trust me, Mariah, I’ve actually worked with Satan, and Nicki is definitely no Satan.[USAT]

R. Kelly and Justin Bieber collaborated on a new song. Hopefully it’s not about urinating on the Argentine flag. [MTV]

(VIA NERDCORE) Death Grips is giving away their new album Government Plates. Free, not free, either way those dudes scare me. [Soundcloud]

Radiohead’s favorite record store has been saved from closing. Wait, record stores still exist? [NME]

(VIA INDIE) Bob Dylan was awarded the French Legion of Honor. Félicitations, Monsieur Zimmerman, [RS]