Miley vs. Miley: Her Reaction To the Vmas Performance

NEWSFLASH EVERYBODY! Stop the presses! Hold the phones! Pause the Twitters! Miley has FINALLY come out with her reaction to her VMAs performance along with all the critical and fan response that has followed it every day since. Girl sure knows how to raise a ruckus and stay relevant! Of course, it does help that her song, “We Can’t Stop,” has remained at number 3 on the Billboard 100 for another week. In fact you can also see the other songs that cracked the top ten here. Scene did a very good job, especially for such a large task as an intern, but the article was a lot more negative than I had hoped. She didn’t even like one song in the top ten? Not even Applause? I’ll admit Lady Gaga’s antics do take me off guard, but that’s why she’s so fabulous!!!

Anyways, back to Miley. Everyone’s been clamoring to know what she was thinking and feeling after her controversial performance at the VMAs and she finally broke her silence in an interview with MTV. Watch it below and hold on to your skirts……or sweatpants. Hmmm maybe slacks instead. We’ve got to stay professional!

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OH. AM. GEE, You hear that silence? It’s all the haters, Miley! You know, so many people have asked me if I liked Miley’s performance, and I’ve answered that I was still processing (and still was before I watched the interview). I have to say now, Miley proves a good point. Madonna has done it before and Britney’s done it before. Britney used to be a Mouseketeer everybody! Don’t you remember?

Of course her transition period into “Toxic” Britney didn’t exactly catch everyone else off guard like when “Party in the USA” Miley suddenly became “Twerkin’ in the USA” Miley. She wants to be a pop icon, and her VMAs performance was an indicator that she’s trying to make her way to the upper echelon of the pop diva food chain. I just have to say though her top in the interview is super cute. I wonder where she got it? Miley, send me your Pinterest so I can find your cute clothing!!

So maybe everyone is overthinking it like she says. The girl’s almost 21 and she wants to be a pop star! So why can’t we just let her be one? She was the most talked about celebrity before, during, and after the VMAs so she’s earning her diva badge. Not everyone gets to get their dream of becoming a huge pop sensation recognized around the world, or their dream of being a talented musician as a part of a music award-nominated band, or their dream of starring on a dating reality show. Sigh, OK, maybe the last part is mine, but you can see the connection. Let Miley breathe everybody!

What do you think about Miley’s reaction to the criticism from her VMAs performance? Let me know in the comments below!