Sour Apple: Fiona’s Gone Metal!!!

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s soft, creamy music. If there’s one thing I do like is when the musicians that make this music go completely off the rails!!! Well not Lindsey Lohan off-the-rails (Believe me, Rayna has talked my ear off about that girl.) but off-the-rails enough to make you completely forget their boring music and realize that, perhaps, they have a little metal inside of them. One of these people is Fiona Apple, whose hidden metal came out Black Sabbath style during a performance at a Tokyo fashion show last night.



First of all, I don’t blame her for going crazy! Who’d want to perform at a fashion show?! Ugh. I’m sure you want the specifics on her tirade so I’ll give you the inside scoop. Basically, Fiona started performing her music, and the chatty crowd was having nothing of it. Sure, if I were there I probably wouldn’t be paying attention either (I’d be wondering what the heck I was doing at a Tokyo fashion show), but, geez, it’s against concert code to just talk through someone’s performance!


I’m sorry, but this is too hilarious.


Normally, the average musician would break down and start crying, but Fiona was having none of it. Reportedly, she did all of the following: climbed on top of a piano insisting the crowd to quiet down, dissing the fashion being show, hitting her head with her microphone, muttering curses towards the audience, and, eventually, storming off. Woah! That’s what I’m talking about!

Wait, what?


I gotta say, I was pretty impressed with her ranting. Although it would’ve been so metal if she ripped the microphone in half, I gave her the benefit of the doubt since she was a relative newbie to rebellion. Or so I thought. Digging through her history, I found this, and my opinion about her completely changed:



SHE’S A BORN REBEL!! I just don’t understand why she doesn’t reflect it more in her music. Hey Fiona, give us a bellow here or there in your music! Add some eardrum-shredding guitar solos! Spit on all your fans at your concerts! It’s all in you! Just let it out! Even better, Fiona, call me, so I can advise you on how to channel this anger through your music, as well as your performances (although this last performance was a solid 8 on the Metal scale).


What do you guys think about Fiona Apple’s reaction to the chatty audience during her performance? Do you think she overreacted, underreacted, or just……..reacted? Let me know in the comments below! Personally I think she underreacted, but it wasn’t bad for a first try.