Passing the Pop Princess Torch in NYC!

So yesterday was the 81st Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony! And I am soo sad I wasn’t there to report the news live from New York ! sigh I wish I was Gossip Girl.

Among the list of amazing performers (Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, etc), Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande performed! I KNOW RIGHT!?

Ariana is always compared to MC – which she takes as a “major compliment.” Who wouldn’t?

“She’s ‘the voice.’ When you think of a singer, you think of Mariah Carey. … And I’ve been compared to her my whole life.”

“Yours Truly” has been topping the album charts (right next to my husband’s Midnight Memories – so proud of you babe! <333) and has been known to bring back nostalgic memories of old Mariah: the R&B tune and the fact that Ariana can hit the signature “whistle note”.

I can’t imagine how Ariana must feel rn, to have been passed the torch from the Queen of R&B herself!

I can only imagine how Mariah feels. I mean, she’s still totally gorgeous but she is like, sooo old. and Ari is super sweet and popular! I mean, I think I’m the only person my age who even knows who Mariah Carey is! It must be super weird to perform next to someone who has an equally amazing voice and is younger and waaaay more popular than you, right??

at least Ari is super cool with being dubbed “Baby Mariah Carey”! She’s even following her footsteps and releasing a Christmas album! Yaaay!

Check out Ari’s performance of “Love is Everything” from the Tree Lighting Ceremony below!