OMG Pic of the Day!!!!

Today’s completely hilarious and instantly relatable pic captures a rabid fan reacting to being up close and personal with the one and only, Miss Beyonce “Mrs. Shawn Carter” “All the Single Ladies” “Bey Bey Bey” Knowles. LOL! I would have the exact same expression if I got to go up close with Beyonce. Maybe she’d take me on stage, and we could totally sing “Diva” together.

Beyonce! If you just want me to do the backing vocals for the song, that’s completely fine, just be warned that I’ll probably nail it! OMG then Beyonce and I could perform around the world and perform our new tour, “The Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Timberlake World Tour!”

Have any of you ever had a fan moment like the one above? Sound off in the comments below!