Another Music Streaming App Falls! Who Cares?

Reports have surfaced that Twitter may be shutting down its Twitter #Music mobile app only after 6 months since its launch. Basically the service utilized Twitter’s trending activity to suggest and help users discover new music. While it allowed you to listen to iTunes snippets of these suggestions, it would link you to either Spotify or Rdio to listen to the full length version of the song. What a drag!

It’s no wonder the app never took off! Who wants a streaming music app that gives you a snippet and then directs you to another music streaming app for the full song? I love a hard day’s of work, but when I want to listen to some terrific wind chime albums, I don’t want to be fiddling through a hundred different music streaming apps just so I can listen to it.

Now I know that the Twitter #Music app isn’t entirely a music streaming app. It was designed as more of a music discovery tool first and foremost. However, it stirs up a peeve of mine that I’ve been having recently. There are just TOO many music streaming apps! Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, iTunes Radio, etc, it’s all just too much. I will say that I do enjoy perusing through my various past Spotify lists from time to time though.

Do we really need more and more of the same thing? In the case of pens, pencils, and paper, yes. In this case, no!  Where are my flowchart mobile apps? (If you’ve found a good one, let me know) Too much of a good thing can be bad, unless of course it’s Aunt Beverly’s horseradish bologna sandwiches. With all these music streaming apps floating around, only one can come out on top, right? Or are we destined for a future so many streaming music apps that you’ll need another app just to open those apps? Dear Lord, that’s got my head spinning like the Dickens!

What do you think about music streaming apps? Which is your favorite and why? Let me know in the comments below!