Hear Them Now: Delorean

As you know, I’ve been futilely attempting to get the staff to work as a team but they just can’t seem to get along with each other. So in an effort to bring some unity to the office, I decided to choose a “Hear Them Now” artist who would appeal to multiple people here at MyMusic.

There’s no doubt that Delorean absolutely fits the bill. Country will love them because she has to love everything because of her whole weird karma thing. Techno & Dubstep will love them because they make agreeable dance music (unlike the crap they usually listen to). And of course, Nerdcore will love them because they’re named after the “Back to the Future” car.

Oh, I almost forgot. Even Metal is sure to be a fan because earlier this month the band was “virtually” kidnapped by a gang in Mexico CIty and we all know how much Metal loves those idiot “Taken” movies. Thankfully, the band is fine but unfortunately they had to cancel their U.S. tour. It’s a shame, because when I saw them perform at FYF Fest in August, they got me to nod my head a little bit, which is really quite an accomplishment.

Needless to say, I’m quite the fan of Delorean’s latest album, Apar, which means “froth” in Basque (the place they’re from) and there’s nothing better than a nice frothy glass of kombucha.  Now I’m getting thirsty. So I’ll leave you with a video of the band’s latest single and hope that this selection will do the impossible and bring the office together (Intern 2 excluded).

Let us know in the comments below which up and coming artist should be next week’s “Hear Them Now” pick!