James Franco and Seth Rogen Get Frisky in Kanye Spoof

Anyone who’s seen This Is The End or Pineapple Express knows that James Franco and Seth Rogen share a very special bond. Well the two “Freak & Geeks” alums just took their bromance to the next level with “Bound 3,” their shot for shot remake of Kanye’s now infamous “Bound 2” video.

Franco takes on the role of Yeezus to Rogen’s Kim Kardashian and the results might actually top the hilarity (albeit, unintentional) of the original video.

If you ever wanted to watch Franco get intimate with a topless Seth Rogen, this is the video for you. Even if you never wanted that image etched in your brain, this is still the video for you because it’s that damn hilarious!

I just hope they don’t end up like Jimmy Kimmel and are forced to feel the wrath of Kanye!

Did “Bound 3” bring the lulz? Let us know in the comments below!