MMLP2: The Return of Eminem

During the commercials of last night’s VMAs, one particular ad caught the eye of every viewer and set Twitter ablaze as if it were rampaged by the Fire Nation. Mr. Marshall Mathers aka Eminem aka Slim Shady aka Mr.8 Mile (alright I made that one up) announced the release date of his hotly anticipated album, November 5th, along with the actual name, MMLP2. Now this is a big deal since many hip hop heads see MMLP as his best album yet so to name this album as the sequel is saying a lot. Of course in the midst of all the announcements, the brand new Beats headphones were shown off and looked like something that could fit perfectly in the world of Akira. Y’all know what Akira is, right? BOOM!


A small preview of his upcoming song “Berzerk” is also heard briefly in the video, which promises to bring back the old school rap, and I gotta say it’s not that bad. Even now with my poser status in the past, this would fit perfectly well between my Nobuo Uematsu albums and my Game of Thrones soundtrack. Plus, Eminem made a track that got on Call of Duty! I mean how can I say no to that!


Anyways, check out the ad in its entirety below and make your assessment over whether this is a great way of cross promotion (of course it is! I know it since I’m head of marketing here) or whether its just trying to shove a product down your throat. Oh, and while you’re in the comments, let me know how excited you are for this album!