Daily Roundup: Miley Talks Bieber, Earns Scene’s Approval???

(VIA SCENE) During her appearance on “The Tonight Show” Miley Cyrus told Justin Bieber to “pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble.” I know this sounds CRAZY but that actually kinda sorta makes sense! [Idolator]

Metallica won’t be doing another Orion Festival because it has been, in the words of James Hetfield, a “disaster financially.” Thankfully Metal is too preoccupied with his new baby to read this. [Loudwire]

(VIA COUNTRY) Conor Oberst is recording a country album in Nashville. He’s mine now, Indie! [RS]

According to Roger Daltery, The Who will work on a new album this year. If they live that long. [NME]

(VIA INDIE) The members of the current version of Black Flag admitted that last year’s reunion was a disaster and this year will be much better. Unless Henry Rollins is back in the fold, I’m not buying it. [Stereogum]