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Justin Bieber Deport
Don’t Deport Justin Bieber!
Looks the #DeportBieber isn't just some silly Twitter trend. According to CNN, Bieber's recent transgressions might have booked him a one way ticket out of the United States and back…
Justin Bieber pissed
Urine Trouble, Justin Bieber!!!
Oh Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber! You are such a little pisser. Literally! In the middle of the childish insanity that is EggGate, Bieber finds himself back in the headlines for…
Justin Bieber Rehab
Does Justin Bieber Need Rehab???
Prior to meeting Scene and working at MyMusic I didn't know much about Justin Bieber except that he makes not terribly good music and is obsessed with the word "swaggy."…