H to the O-Vegan?

The Roc is in the building……..with a new diet? Apparently Mr. Jay-Z is celebrating his birthday is a very unique way. No crazy birthday extravaganzas, no crazy expensive cars, no booty (well not too sure about that if you count Mrs. Jay-Z aka Beyoncé). He’s doing a 22 day vegan diet challenge with Beyoncé as a sort of spiritual awakening (sounds like some Illuminati nonsense if you ask me.)

Metal’s got Jay-Z losing on the 17th day, while I have him losing on the 20th day. I got faith in you, Jay! (I don’t know how anyone couldn’t go a week without some good ol’ fashioned mutton) One of the big question is why he would do it for only 22 days? Why is it such a big deal? Well, if you’re as popular as Jay-Z is, you could order a Big Mac and make it on the front page of People magazine.

This will be the biggest obstacle for Jay-Z since……..well, does anybody remember the last time Jay-Z had an obstacle. The man’s never lost! His life motto must be “FTW”. Either way, I’m sure his diet won’t be as difficult as recording his diet, but Jay-Z, if you’re reading this, don’t feel bad about stopping it, say, 2 days before you planned. There’s ten bucks I’d like to take off a friend.