Hey everyone! Are you ready for another Idol scoop?! Try not to scream, but if you can’t hold it in, let it all out! JT just released a new single!!! Earlier today, he tweeted out a pic from the studio, hinting that he’d be releasing his follow up single to “Take Back the Night.”

Ohhhhhh JT. I can never get tired of a quadruple threat man! Looks, acting, singing, and dancing? Jessica Biel is fabulous, but she shouldn’t hog you all to herself!! Anyways, as the day’s gone by he’s teased more and more pics from his Instagram along with a preview video of the song. I couldn’t focus on anything with my Twitter feed constantly popping up with “New JT Single Coming,” “How Does JT’s New SIngle Sound Like,” and “Can I Marry JT?” Ok, that last one made up. And it may have come from me. And I may have deleted it right before I could put it up, but seriously who can hate him?!

So, the song is called TKO, and JT was NOT joking. From what I heard it’s a total knockout! It’s got everything you could want from a Timberlake single including catchy lyrics, catchy beat, and catchy title. Basically, just totally catchy! There’s something about Justin and Timbaland working together that just always guarantees a hit! And a squeal from me!

Personally, I liking the song a little better than “Take Back The Night,” which was a little too stale for me. I know! It’s crazy to put Justin Timberlake and stale together in the same sentence, but I hold JT to a higher standard than most artists. Katy Perry’s up there too. Regardless, this is the exact feeling when I heard “Mirrors” for the first time minus the fangirl crying (the song is that good everyone and you know it!).

Now I know my whole opinion on this song is riding on two very short Instagram videos from Justin’s Instagram, but I think we can all agree he’s got another top 10 single coming!!! The single is rumored to come out on iTunes tonight at midnight, so keep your eyes peeled for “TKO” by Justin TImberlake. The previews are below for you to listen!!! Prepare to fall in looooove!




  1. Cyan Jackson

    Sounds very familiar to other JT songs. I think there should be a spotify shmotify for songs that sound alike. So so many hearts would be broken. And i would be so so happy 😉

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