Kanye Reacts to Viral “Bound 2” Spoof

After everyone regained consciousness watching the hilarious Bound 2 spoof, “Bound 3,” by James Franco and Seth Rogen (btw I think “Paul” was criminally underrated. Just so you know.), the next thing everyone waited for was Kanye’s reaction. We all know what happened the last time someone spoofed him. (Poor Jimmy Kimmel!) Personally, I thought Kanye would go full Double Dragon on the two comedians since Kanye’s sense of humor has suddenly disappeared ever since he released “Yeezus.”

WRONG! Kanye loved it! Yep! Just as long as you recreate his music video shot by shot (and are famous) Kanye will like your spoof. Okay, maybe that isn’t entirely true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that idea was part of his reasoning. Kanye hasn’t personally come forward and say it, as the news was broken by his fiancee, Kim Kardshian, on Twitter. Well, it’s about time he loosened up! This serious and always angry Kanye is getting a little tiresome, so hearing that he actually laughed makes me have hope that there is some life left in him and that he didn’t become a Heartless. Obviously I’m referencing the one below and not Kanye’s song (Kingdom Hearts FTW!).

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it’s obvious Franco and Rogen are big fans (just like I am of Paul. Just reminding you again.) I’m glad Kanye could recognize that and laugh with the rest of us about this hilarious spoof. The spoof also brought along some good news for Kanye fans. He’s releasing a new album next summer!


Rumor has it that it won’t be as dark, moody, or involve him being a god. Well. Maybe I made that last one up. Let’s be real. Kanye really hasn’t been the one to ever tone down his ego, but at least for once he got over himself and actually did something we can all agree with; laugh at something hilarious. Good job, ‘Ye!

We’re you surprised by Kanye’s positive reaction to “Bound 3”? Sound off in the comments below!