Not that I’d know though. Accordin’ to the real estate blog, Zillow’s, annual Celebrity Neighbor Survey, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were chosen as the “Worst Neighbors,” gettin’ bumped up from second place on last year’s least. Congratulations for bein’ number 1……….I think.

I can’t blame people for not wanting to live next to them. Havin’ the paparazzi take up all your street parking just so they can get a glimpse of the celebrity couple. Back in my reality star days, nobody wanted to live within a 39 mile radius of me because of my stardom at the time. Heck, I would’ve probably made these list those years if that darn Osbourne family wasn’t so famous at the time. (I don’t blame people though. I don’t think I would want to live next to Ozzy Ozbourne. That man done ate a bat before, which shouldn’t surprise me since some of his music sounds like it’s comin’ from Satan himself)

The celebrity neighbors chosen that people would be fine livin’ next to included Jimmy Fallon, Blake Shelton (<3), Jennifer Lawrence, and a couple other nobodies. Poor Kanye West and Kim! Now that Kanye’s tour is over, they gotta deal with livin’ a life of lavishment, fortune, and popularity, after getting first in an award that’ll do nothin’ to their reputation. Life’s tough for Mr. West!