New Doctor Revealed!

It’s not exactly surprising news, but any Dr Who news is good news!

In a live interview, it has been announced that Peter Capaldi has been case as the 12th Doctor in Dr Who.  Capaldi was a fan favorite among speculation, including a favorite of mine, so I’m pretty stoked about the announcement!


While it’s exciting to witness the start of a new Doctor, it will be sad to see the incredible Matt Smith go. He is expected to make his final appearance in this year’s Christmas Special. (Have some tissues nearby, you guys! I’m positive it’ll be emotional!)  Losing the Ponds and Matt Smith in less than a year! I don’t know if I can handle all the feels!


So who is Peter Capaldi? You’ll probably recognize him form World War Z, and he’ll be appearing in the upcoming The Fifth Estate as well as next years Malificent with Angelina Jolie.

The announcement was made during a half-hour live special on BBC America, hosted by Zoe Ball. The special also featured past stars, including Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor.

Capaldi takes over in the same Christmas Special that marks Smith’s departure. However, we also get to see Matt Smith one more time in the highly anticipated Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in November, alongside Jenna Coleman, John Hurt and David Tennant. (AKA the most important thing to happen on television ever.)

Doctor Who is currently the highest rated program on BBC America.

What do you guys think of Capaldi? Sound off in the comments below. Some people are disappointed, hoping that the BBC would make a bigger, bolder choice for the Doctor (perhaps a woman or a person of color). Others are huge fans of Capaldi from The Thick Of It and can’t wait to see him take over the role. As always, there will be nay-sayers, but don’t forget, a lot of people weren’t excited about Matt Smith either, and I’d say we can all agree he did a damn fine job!


245 thoughts on “New Doctor Revealed!

  1. Hiria HB

    I was the tiniest bit sceptical about the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor for about 15 mins after the announcement, but then I started to be a bit more positive, and now I’m quite excited to see what the 12th Doctor will be like! Though of course I’ll be sad to see Matt Smith leave 🙁 Thanks for doing a post on this, Hip-Hop! Are you looking forward to the 50th anniversary episode? 🙂

  2. Sarah


    i really like Peter capaldi but i would like anyone who would play the Doctor because we would learn to love that person thats what Whovians are isnt it ? We have to say goodbye to people we love and have to learn how to love again (so poetic) .And at least we have the 50th Anniversary with David Tennant and Billie Piper so excited to see them ohh it will be great only 94 Days left

  3. Travis Gibbs

    It’s gonna be bittersweet– losing Matt Smith, soon after the Ponds. However, I am excited to meet Capaldi! I do feel as if I am going to cry when Smith actually departs. :/ He’s my favorite..

  4. loveratty

    I cried when David Tennent went away 🙁
    No im more sad about Matt Smith going away 🙁
    We will always love you Matt Smith
    I miss you already 🙁

  5. Lindsey Curtis

    I was both incredibly sad and extremely stoked about the news of the 12th Doctor.
    I mean, loosing Matt Smith… Ow. It truly hurts inside. The man who brought out the awkward and clueless, but yet kept dark and determined side of the Doctor. It’s going to be incredibly difficult to see him off, just like losing 10-1. All of them brought something to the character, but I’ve got a feeling that Capaldi will do a fabulous job of making his own Doctor.
    With all of the roles I’ve seen Peter Capaldi play, I feel that the 12th will be much like the 9th. Very dark, and almost scary, but still funny and quirky. (Well that’s what I thought the first time I saw the 9th Doctor… but then again, I was really young at the time.) After having the “Fun-loving, ‘Let’s go do THIS now!!'” type of attitude from both David and Matt, we need something different. I’m not saying that the 10th and 11th Doctors were bad (in fact, they were my personal favorites), there has been a missing… something. I think that Capaldi can bring the Doctor that ‘something’.
    That’s why I’m so excited for the next season.
    Bye Matt Smith. 🙁 We’re sad to see you go.
    Hello Peter Capaldi. 🙂 It’s nice to finally meet you.

  6. Lawrence Kustyn

    I never watched anything on BBC America until they came out with the epic sci-fi thriller Orphan Black. As any member of the clone club will tell you the preceding show was Dr. Who. I never knew what an awesome show Dr. Who was until then. MAN! WHAT A RIDE!

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