New Doctor Revealed!

It’s not exactly surprising news, but any Dr Who news is good news!

In a live interview, it has been announced that Peter Capaldi has been case as the 12th Doctor in Dr Who.  Capaldi was a fan favorite among speculation, including a favorite of mine, so I’m pretty stoked about the announcement!


While it’s exciting to witness the start of a new Doctor, it will be sad to see the incredible Matt Smith go. He is expected to make his final appearance in this year’s Christmas Special. (Have some tissues nearby, you guys! I’m positive it’ll be emotional!)  Losing the Ponds and Matt Smith in less than a year! I don’t know if I can handle all the feels!


So who is Peter Capaldi? You’ll probably recognize him form World War Z, and he’ll be appearing in the upcoming The Fifth Estate as well as next years Malificent with Angelina Jolie.

The announcement was made during a half-hour live special on BBC America, hosted by Zoe Ball. The special also featured past stars, including Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor.

Capaldi takes over in the same Christmas Special that marks Smith’s departure. However, we also get to see Matt Smith one more time in the highly anticipated Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in November, alongside Jenna Coleman, John Hurt and David Tennant. (AKA the most important thing to happen on television ever.)

Doctor Who is currently the highest rated program on BBC America.

What do you guys think of Capaldi? Sound off in the comments below. Some people are disappointed, hoping that the BBC would make a bigger, bolder choice for the Doctor (perhaps a woman or a person of color). Others are huge fans of Capaldi from The Thick Of It and can’t wait to see him take over the role. As always, there will be nay-sayers, but don’t forget, a lot of people weren’t excited about Matt Smith either, and I’d say we can all agree he did a damn fine job!