Yo, what’s crack-a-lackin?! It’s ya boy, Hip Hop, bringing the realness back to the MyMusic website, once again. The biggest music concert right now is Rock The Bells, taking place in San Bernardino, and this year the acts promised to bring some heat like never before seen before. I was expecting something crazy on the level of a super collaboration between Bone Thugs N Harmony and the Wu Tang Clan. Yo, imagine that! Bone Thugs N Wu Tang Clan! That’d be on the level of like Kanye West and Jay-Z teamin’ up on Watch The Throne, but even bigger. Guess what though? I got shafted, son!

The big reveal, which first came Sunday night during the Bone Thugs N Harmony set, was none other than my worst nightmare from the most recent Coachella. HOLOGRAMS! A hologram of Eazy -E, a late member of the group, appeared and performed with them in front a roaring crowd to open the music festival. On top of that, the next day, Wu Tang Clan came out with a hologram of ODB!! Apparently, these were all created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iconic music festival. What’s goin’ on, people?

C’mon now! I know the technology might be kind of cool, or whatever, but they’re basically bringing back ghosts! You know what happens after this! Everyone’s gonna start havin’ holograms for other events outside of just concerts. School, the post office, dry cleaning! I don’t want any hologram ghosts near my dry cleaning! Before you know it, they’re gonna be aware of themselves and start walkin’ through walls, going all ooga booga to people. I don’t wanna live in that world!

I mean, the technology is already miles ahead of what I thought it would be by now! I’m already dealing with the dizziness of 3D movies, but now I gotta deal with computerized ghosts. Of course, nobody thinks about this now because we’re too busy oohing and ahhing so just heed my warning right now. Stay away from the holograms! I’m not paranoid or anything…..just aware yo!



What do you think about the use of holograms for concerts? Holla at me in the comments below!