2014 Grammy Nominations a Hot Mess!!!
Kanye snub

It’s basically an annual tradition: Each year the Grammy nominations are announced, and each year we complain about how much they got wrong. But it seems like as far as the 2014 Grammy nominations go, the members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences really screwed the pooch.

Let’s start with the old people. I love old people, I really do. Yet, the Grammy nomination committee seems to be obsessed with them.

Just look at the nominees for best rock album. Queens of the Stone Age, sure. Kings of Leon, totally, all those guys are super handsome. But Led Zeppelin? Yes, even I acknowledge they’re one of the greatest bands that ever lived, but why in 2014 should a band that broke up over 30 years ago be nominated for their sole reunion concert that took place in 2007?

And no offense to the other nominees in the category, David Bowie and Neil Young, but their material is well past their prime.

Then there are the little big deals. Sure I’m thrilled Kacey Musgraves got a best new artist nomination. but what about Lorde and Florida Georgia Line who, by the way received zero nominations. ZERO!!!

And when it came to nominations for the night’s biggest prize, all I can ask is “what were they thinking?”

Sara Bareilles??? Listen, I’m sure she’s a sweet girl and that “crinkle my nose” song was adorable, but seriously? How can you leave off JT and Kanye? And why couldn’t they show some non-Taylor country love and include Jason Aldean or Blake Shelton?

Oh, Grammys. You make so sad. But I’ll still watch ya!

What was this year’s biggest Grammy snub? Let us know in the comments below!



9 thoughts on “2014 Grammy Nominations a Hot Mess!!!

  1. TastyPlainPizza TPP

    I completely agree. Especially for the R&B categories. Not a SINGLE Janelle Monae nomination! Especially when her album basically SCREAMED Best R&B album! Beautiful vocals, an uplifting message, the fact that it was a concept album, and perfect collaborations (Prince was on the freaking thing. PRINCE!). She didn’t even get nominated for best R&B performance when she is one of the best performers live in the business, of all genres. And TAMAR BRAXTON was nominated for that? Have you SEEN her performance on the Soul Train Awards? It was dreadful!

  2. TastyPlainPizza TPP

    Taylor Swift must be involved with many of the Grammy Committee because she really doesn’t deserve all the grammys she’s been getting, compared to a lot of good artists who are in the industry.

  3. TastyPlainPizza TPP

    I really think Janelle Monae was the Grammy’s biggest snub. Especially since the Grammys are supposed to be based on merit, not popularity. Her album was perfection. Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars were pretty big snubs too.


    Guys think of the roots of the grammy’s. It’s going about songwriting and lyrics. I mean you can’t say Taylor doesn’t write good lyrics. Than you don’t know the good songs like All Too Well, Last Kiss and Back to December. And people with songs like Granddaddy’s Gun and Country On The Radio just ,you know, it sounds like someone with the age of 15 has written that. And so many people already has realised that Taylor Swift is only Modern Country in the songwriting style now and not in the song style because there aren’t words like truck, gun, radio and driving in it. I’m happy with the Grammy’s because Taylor Swift got 4 nominations, Ed Sheeran 2 and Katy Perry also have 2. I’m happy with it and I’m happy that there’s one award show which is not fan voted to give the really good artists the oppertunity to win a big award. Thanks for reading this hole thing ;p – Swiftie, Sweerio, Katycat.

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