All Eyes On BRITNEY 9/17. But for WHAT?!

Here’s something I can’t stand…being COY!

According to Brit Brit’s official website, something big is coming on September 17th. But WHAT? A new song? An announcement of a new album? A live performance? A secret child that’s been gestating in the womb of a surrogate? A surprise return to X Factor? WHAT????

I think people should be up front and open about everything. Don’t tease me like this! Just tell me what’s going on already! I promise Britney, whatever it is you’ve got up your sleeve, I’m in. No need to be coy. I swear.

THEN Miss Spears tweets that she’s back in dance rehearsals. To quote a coworker I’m not that fond of, SAY WHAT? So, here’s my theory. A big announcement on September 17th? Dance rehearsals?

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems pretty clear to me. In just under a month, Britney Spears will be announcing her long-rumored, not-talked-about-nearly-enough VEGAS SHOW.

I gotta start saving up now, because you KNOW I’m gonna be all over that!