Saturday Night Live Needs a Metal Host!

First things first: “Saturday Night Live” is mostly garbage. Yeah, that Junk in a Box video was decent enough, but basically we’re talking about three, maybe four laughs over a 90 minute period each week.  Five minutes of Bad Grandpa is funnier than an entire season of SNL.

That’s just a fact.

So what do you when you’re stuck with a lame sketch comedy show? Well, having crappy pop stars host is definitely not the solution. We’re only a few episodes into SNL’s current season and Miley Cyrus AND Lady Gaga have already hosted. And surprise, surprise, they were both terrible.

Obviously, I have an idea to help tone down SNL’s awfulness, and if you’re too stupid to figure it out from the headline, my solution is simple: get a metal host! Ozzy? Lemmy? Danzig??? I mean, Danzig’s kind of joke, right?

The options are endless. They can even get Kerry King. The dude doesn’t have to say a word. He can just shred the whole and it’ll be the greatest freakin’ episode of all time. Maybe Rob Zombie can direct? Who wouldn’t watch that???

Hell, I’ll even host the damn show. I’ve got jokes! Now that I think about it, I’d totally kick ass. Plus it’s another excuse to get the hell away from the house. Maybe I should just become a full time cast member. I’ll have Country help me with my audition tape.

Do you think Metal would be a good SNL host? Let us know in the comments below!