Iron Maiden Rewards Online Pirates

Pirates are pretty awesome. Right under Vikings, they are some of the coolest people ever. However, I’m not a huge fan of online pirates. Yup, the ones that steal music. NOT METAL! Anyways, I’m not here to rant because COUNTRY took the rant article for today about that stupid Justin Bieber. Ugh. You and me both know we’re tired of that kid. Anyways, the reason I bring up online pirates is because one of my favorite bands, Iron Maiden, is rewarding these people. Huh? Crazy, right?

Apparently they’re tracking areas that have huge concentrations of online pirating of their albums and adding tour dates to those locations. SAY WHAAAAT?! Why would they greet these people? Then, I thought about the big picture. You go to a place with a high level of online piracy, in this case Brazil (who knew there were so many metalheads down there?), and you throw a concert. The online pirates pay for concert tickets, you make money, and everyone goes home happy. GENIUS! Not surprised it was a metal band that first used this tactic. Leave it up to the greatest genre on Earth to come up with the most innovative advances. HUZZAH!!! \m/

What do you guys think about this tactic? Do you think it’ll boost sales for musicians? Let me know in the comments below!