Fall Out Boy’s new EP is Amazing, Of Course!!!

You know that expression “good things come 2 those that wait?” Well it’s totally true! When Fall Out Boy broke up way back in 2009, I wished soooo hard that they would get back together. After 4 loonnnngggg years of waiting, my wish finally came true when the band released their awesome comeback album, Save Rock and Roll, earlier this year!

But thankfully, Patrick, Pete, Joe, and Andy weren’t done making new music. That’s right, Fall Out Boy has a brand new EP called PAX AM Days! Although the EP won’t be officially released until next week, the band posted all the new tracks on Youtube and I haven’t been able to stop listening to them because they are all so amazing!!!!!

In total there are 8 songs but most of them are under 2 minutes. Apparently the group recorded the album with producer Ryan Adams in only 2 days. Although I kinda wish they were longer but I shouldnt be greedy. I mean, how can I possibly complain about new Fall Out Boy material???

PAX AM Day’s first song, “We Were Doomed From the Start (The King Is Dead)” establishes that the band is in full punk mode.  It’s hard 2 sit at work and listen to this EP because I just jump around and dance!

My favorite song is definitely “Hot to the Touch, Cold On the Side” which starts off slow but gets super fun very quickly. I’ve included a link to the EP’s first single (I dont want to write the name because it has a bad word) but u definitely need 2 listen to the whole thing!!! So happy!!!!!!

Do you share in Scene’s excitement about about Fall Out Boy’s new EP? Let us know in the comments below!