YouTube Spotlight: PelleK Offers Full Metal Anime!!!

Hailing from Norway, the land of trolls (boo!) and Gorgol (yay! yay! yay!) PelleK represents my first metal pick for YouTube spotlight of the week.  Metal, of course, introduced me to PelleK, who aside from posting his own videos to his YouTube channel, is the lead singer for British symphonic metal group Damnation Angels.

At first I was skeptical about spotlighting a metal artist. I’m not a huge metal fan (the music not the person!), but then I discovered something truly awesome … PelleK does covers of anime theme songs!!!

That’s right. PelleK is a huge anime fan and he’s lent his amazing vocals to renditions of theme songs from some of my all-time favorites including “Naruto,” “Full Metal Alchemist,” “Death Note,” and “One Piece”!!!!!!

This year PelleK devoted a full week to anime covers and hopefully he’ll continue the tradition in 2014. Maybe he can even do an anime month? Or year???

PelleK doesn’t only perform anime covers but I’m totally cool with that. Currently, he’s preparing for the holidays by posting videos of metal versions of some of my Xmas songs!

In fact, I’m thinking of getting Metal PelleK’s new album “Christmas with PelleK” for his holiday gift. I already picked up a copy for myself!

B sure 2 tweet PelleK and let him know u read about him on the MyMusic blog and maybe u can even suggest some anime theme songs for him 2 cover!!!

Which anime theme songs would you want PelleK to cover? Let us know in the comments below!