Daily Roundup: Happy Birthday, Ms. Spears!!!

(VIA RAYNA) Britney Spears turns 32 today. She’s almost old enough to be my grandma!

A Japanese company is making life-sized Lady Gaga dolls. No word yet on whether they’ll be anatomically correct. [RS]

(VIA METAL) SPIN has a kick ass photo album of Slayer’s pre-Thanksgiving show in New York. Check it out while listening to “Decade of Aggression” and it’ll seem like you were there. [SPIN]

If you’re looking to make a cyber-Monday purchase, Bonnaroo 2014 pre-sale tickets are on sale now. Even though the lineup hasn’t been announce chances are it won’t disappoint. [Bonnaroo]

(VIA NERDCORE) Big Boi posted a picture of himself hanging out with Andre 3000 in Atlanta this weekend. Still can’t believe Outkast is back together! [Instagram]