Daily Roundup: Miley’s Just Being Miley In New Video!

(VIA SCENE) No, I DO NOT adore the new Miley video! [YouTube]

Hoquiam, WA, a town where Kurt Cobain briefly lived, has designated April 10, 2014 Nirvana Day. Mark your calendars. [RS]

(VIA COUNTRY) Beyoncé invited a young terminally-ill fan to duet with her on “Survivor.” I’ve gone through at least three boxes of Kleenex watching this video. [YouTube]

Ricky Lawson, the studio drummer who worked with legends such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Eric Clapton passed away at the age of 59. RIP Ricky. [SPIN]

(VIA METAL) That Bieber kid nearly ruined my daughter’s Xmas by tweeting he’s “officially retiring.” Just do it already, dude! [CNN]