Looking Good, LiLo!

I’m not a huge fan of tabloids and paparazzi. Oh my God who am I kidding, I’m obsessed with BOTH! Some people need their coffee to start their day, I need my People, OK, InTouch, and Life & Style to start mine! But while I am obsessed with all celebrity culture, I’m not a big fan of the hating and stalking and bad-mouthing! Stars are people too, and all people act like idiots every once in a while. And then there’s Amanda Bynes who, in case you didn’t know, has ACTUAL mental issues! So leave the girl alone, tabloids! (Actually no, please continue to report on her, but only if it’s good news because I am pulling for that girl!)


Anyway, I was very pleased to refresh my TMZ feed today to see them reporting on how GOOD Lindsay Lohan is looking as of late.  Her skin is glowing, she’s smiling, her hair looks great! Rehab has done the girl a WHOLE lotta good!  According to TMZ,  the photographers almost missed Lindsay at first, because they mistook her for a normal, happy, healthy, everyday girl! Good for you LiLo! I’ve always been rooting for you!


Hopefully her recovery actually lasts, this time.This isn’t exactly Lindsay’s first trip to rehab. Or second. But there’s something about this new happy L L that makes me think she might actually be able to turn it around this time. I mean, did you see her on Chelsea Lately? Homegirl can drop a punch line!  That being said, I do have to wonder if maybe Hollywood isn’t the best place for Linz. So much temptation to go back to her old ways. My advice? Do a few more movies, save up a bit of cash, then get outta town, girl! Move to a farm or to a smaller city like Cleveland, away from all the tabloids and cameras who could push you back to that old life! We’d rather not see you at all than see you fall apart again!


What do you guys think? Is the Lindsay Lohan we used to know and love back for good? It’s been so long since we’ve seen her, and we’ve all grown so used to the trainwreck LoLo, but I’m ready for that comeback!